Adeline Gear’s Best Games of 2013

Android has had its share of great games this year and as we wind down to the last few days of 2013, we cannot help but look back at some of the great fun moments that many of these games brought us. While I would have happily put up a list of the top 100 Android games in 2013, I’m tasked with picking just five. So here goes.

5. The Room

After teasing the grey cells of over 1m iOS users, the Room arrived on Android this year to challenge every puzzle fan. A unique game in its genre, the room features no game characters or silly stories but just one mysterious box and stupefying clues that will have you engrossed and lost in it for hours. Despite the fact that the game has little or no replay value, its simple controls, beautifully designed 3D settings, perfect sounds, and clever puzzles will leave you happily engaged in piecing together the clues that will unravel the mystery of the box.

4. Plants vs Zombies 2

PvZ 2 may not be an original, but I think it still takes something special to come back with a sequel that’s better than the best. PvZ 2 certainly qualifies to be among one of the best games on Android this year for the sheer variety in gameplay and content updates. Irresistible plants and overwhelming zombies sends your brains into a tailspin creating a manic need to stave off the undead in the most bloodless way possible. At the end of the day, you still can’t get enough.

3. Riptide GP2

Android has had its fair share of top racing games in 2013 and my pick has to go to Riptide GP2. Although it isn’t an original, it manages to better its predecessor in plenty of ways. The graphics are mind blowing, the water physics is out of this world, and the ability to pull off gravity defying stunts is just brilliant. Added to it, the extra vehicles and upgrades; deep career mode and fun online multiplayer system with strong Google Play Games integration makes this one of my top favorites this year.

2. Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman Fiesta Run is probably one of the finest platform runners we got to enjoy in 2013. This brilliantly adapted console game gets top marks for its colorful and lively visuals and its simple control system. Without moving away from its winning console formula, Rayman manages to keep us salsa-ing away merrily even after dying many times over.

1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans from Supercell makes it to my best of 2013 simply for the sheer addictiveness in gameplay. Building your kingdom, training your troops, and going on the attack may be a clichéd playing style, but it is engrossing and entertaining no matter how many times you keep doing it. An immersive online multiplayer experience adds another star to its credit. Notwithstanding the subtle gameplay mechanism that tempts you into spending plenty of money when you resolved never to do that again, this is a game that will just keep you coming back for more. Everytime.

That’s my pick of the top 5 Android games in 2013. I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who are going to digress. Feel free to add your top 5 in the comments section.

User Reviews

Long build time

I played this game with Castle Clash simultaneously and i can say thet Clash of Clans build time is much longer. Other than that great gameplay and graphics.

Posted by kkndzone 9 years ago

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