Space Hero Review

A Zappy Galactic Journey


FT Games, makers of popular zombie titles such as Zombie Road and Zombie Frontier have come out with their latest venture called Space Hero, featuring a tiny little robot sent on a mission to destroy space monsters while navigating the galaxies. Space Hero is an endless runner with a difference. Its game over if you don’t kill a specified number of monsters within the given energy boost.  While it is easy to write off such space games as being monotonous and uninspiring, the developers have managed to infuse just the right amount of pace and challenge to make this game worth checking out.

Space Hopping Fun

In Space Hero you play Captain Leon, a cute little blue alien with a big head, a tiny body, and a long antennae. Your job is to travel across the galaxy, hopping from one spinning planet to another while simultaneously killing monsters stationed between the planets. The planets spin at varying speeds both in clockwise and anticlockwise directions making the jumps tricky and challenging. And, unlike most super heroes, Captain Leon’s energy is restricted by a single power booster. Its game over if the green energy vial runs out. Luckily there are a few ways in which you can get power boosters such as unlocking them as power ups or recharging them mid game via checkpoints.

Buy Some More Super Power

Gold and gems are your rewards for high scores and leveling up. The gold can be used to buy power ups while gems will revive you when you lose your life. Gold is easy to earn as you hit the high scores while gems can be earned mostly when you complete achievements or level up. Gems and lives ( you get 5 lives at the start of each level) are what really matter though, and they are both hard to get once you’ve run out of them. You can head over to the Game Store to buy them, or resort to social begging. You do get great benefits when connecting to Facebook such as the ability to earn free gems, ask for them, gift them to others and even challenge friends to beat your top scores.

Although you can carry on playing for a good period of time without resorting to IAPs, eventually Space Hero puts you into a corner where you cannot proceed further unless you buy stuff or ask your friends. You’ll also be prompted every now and again to use your existing power ups or purchase items to unlock additional hero characters and extra lives.

Entertaining and Addictive Play

Despite the simple repetitive game play, Space Hero manages to keep you glued to the game. This, despite the fact that you are only planet hopping, especially at close range. Yet, subtle elements like changing the direction of the spin, placing the monsters at peculiar angle, zooming in and out of the screen and depleting the energy levels rapidly add to the game’s thrill and excitement. Forget about your friends, you’ll want to play this game again and again just to beat your own scores! Space hero doesn’t have many power ups, but there are a couple of interesting ones such as Boosts (lets you travel across the galaxy at high speeds) and Monster Magnets (draws all monsters toward you) which provide some extra fun.

The Good, the Bad, & the Verdict

Beautifully rendered graphics, quick challenging game play, non intrusive music, engaging social gaming and the price of free are some of the good aspects of Space Hero. However the game has its share of disappointments. It emphasizes a little too much on IAPs, becomes repetitive after a point of time and fails to introduce new elements and surprises as your progress deeper into the game. Still, despite its shortcomings, Space Hero offers a good bit of fun and entertainment for a casual gamer. Don’t expect an extraordinary space jammer here, this one’s just about perfect for a casual spin.

3.2 / 5


Space Hero is a gorgeous monster gobbling galactic runner with emphasis on IAPs and social gaming. tweet

Adeline Gear · Jul 15, 2013

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