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Not Your Ordinary Theme Park


If you like playing Theme Park, then you’re definitely going to enjoy Prehistoric Park just as much. Although it’s not entirely original and somewhat borrowing the basic schemes from Theme Park, Prehistoric Park adds something different to a fairly familiar game. In Theme Park, you can design different parks with specific themes. In Prehistoric Park, there’s only one theme to go by — and although variety is not the game’s best asset, it’s not a bad thing.

As any other world-building game, it requires an internet connection and takes up * mb of space on your phone. If you worry about having to buy items to keep playing the game, worry no more. This game is guaranteed free to complete, which means you can play and progress as much as you can without having to pay for anything — as long as you don’t mind investing a little time in exchange for rewards.

In the beginning

At first, your park will be modest in size, and it’s up to you to manage and pave pathways to maximize the space. A handful of rides, food and beverage stores and decorations are available to you to start building the very first structures in your park.

You are given certain amount of silver and gold coins. Be careful how you spend the gold coins, because you’ll later find that they’re a bit scarce to come by if you’re not planning on spending real money to get more of them.

A quest for coins

Silver coins are the main currency of the game, as it can easily be generated from any structure. However, gold coins are only acquired when you level up, purchase with real money, or when you accomplish certain goals. You also get one gold coin each time you share your progress to Facebook or Twitter. I find the latter the easiest way to get gold coins.

Gold coins can also be used to speed up building time, therefore allowing the structure to function as soon as you purchase it. As a result, your park earns more money faster than usual. It can also be used to unlock certain items in the shop that’s not available for the current level you’re in.

The evolution

Leveling up is also dependent on XP points, which can is accumulated by building structures, fixing broken rides, breaking up fights (yes, guests fight over who was next in line) or achieving certain milestones like being able to build a certain number of restaurants.

If you have enough gold coins, it’s time to expand your park. I was pleasantly surprised that this didn’t take much time to accomplish, even by choosing to not purchase extra gold coins. When you expand your park, be sure you have enough silver coins to build new rides, otherwise customers will wander into a vacant spot, which can make them unhappy. This lowers your overall customer rating, which can affect the way you gain XP points.

It may be fun to build rides, shops and jazz up your park, but these aren’t just for you — you also need to think about your customers.
A customer rating (from 0-100) is indicated on the top left corner of the screen. Your goal is to keep it up at 85 and above. This is a nice goal to accomplish, as it speeds up your progress in terms of player level.

Customers have little thought bubbles that pops up their heads and these can clue you in as to what they want. This is a bit tricky, as these thought bubbles are in form of small pictures, so it takes a bit of guesswork and trial and error before you get their clues. Food and beverages are more obvious ones, but some are a bit vague and confusing. In comparison to Theme Park, you can tap on the customer rating icon and get a tip as to how to increase your rating. Here, you’re left to figure it out on your own.

One thing I like about this game is the different ways that you can earn gold coins without having to spend real money for it. For instance, sharing your game progress in Facebook or Twitter gives you one gold coin each time. If you want to earn gold faster, you just need to ensure you gain lots of XP points so you can level up.

The verdict

There are lots to like about Prehistoric Park. The graphics are way better than most world-building games, has a great premise and lots of room to grow and improve. With its witty items, cute characters and engaging game play, it just might be another addictive routine added to your collection of world-building games.

Again, it’s a lot like Theme Park, so those who enoyed it should find this game a great extension. Focusing on one theme, however, gave Prehistoric Park its own brand and commitment to one central theme. One example of this would be how similar the rides look — and you realize it’s basically made of the same things. If you prefer a simpler, primeval theme without much of Theme Park’s loudness, then Prehistoric Park might suit you better.

4.0 / 5


Ever wonder what the earliest theme park must have looked like? Wonder no more, and build your very own in Prehistoric Park! tweet

Kim Barloso · Feb 8, 2013

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