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They’re Back And On Android

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God damn when these two made history, combining two of my favorite movie franchises, the parameters of my world shifted into a new Utopian position. I was barely a teenager when the first AVP movie was released – and now they’ve come up with another Android Title pitting Jungle Predators against their arch nemesis the Super Predators. Aliens, who are being held captive for use as a secret weapon by the Super Predators must fight for their survival and eventual escape.

There are two different sides to AVP: Evolution. One half of the game places you in the position of a Jungle Predator. You main battleship is attacked by the Super Predators causing your escape pod to crash land in a Marine base. From here the game progresses in a struggle against the Marines initially, and eventually the Super Predators.

The other half tells the tale of the Aliens who, held captive inside the Super Predators home base, must fight from the inside to free their species.

Green Blood Everywhere!

I decided to go with the predator side of the game first. As a third person combat game the Predator combat system is pretty cool. There are two buttons controlled with your right thumb; A and B. These melee and block. Combos become possible as you progress through the level.

The Marines were doing a good job of splattering my green Predator blood everywhere when a small red skull appeared above one of their heads. This is the execution kill symbol. Typical of the movies we’re treated to a close up mauling by Predator. What’s more, the player has a choice of how to end the enemy’s life my swiping in a certain direction.

When moving around indoors I found the camera to be a little annoying. It doesn’t follow you to well; often getting trapped behind walls or morphing through the character. The fact that most missions require ‘exploring’ through various corridors, twists and turns means you must free up your right hand to constantly readjust the camera angle.

From Cradle To Grave, From Facehugger To Alien

Character progression in most games is dull, predictable and unnecessary. But with Aliens, the species depends on evolution. And frankly, it would have been a let down if only one type was playable.

Thankfully, the developers inserted a solid piece of character progression into the game. You start off as a humble Facehugger, a small spider like creature with a long tale. Eventually you progress to a Chestburster, growing in the torso of an enemy before bursting ut in true Alien fashion. Eventually, you become a full Alien capable of taking on the Super Predators.

Combat and missions are pretty similar for this side of the game, mostly calling for a struggle against the Super Predators.

One area in which I was disappointed was the lack of ‘theatrics’. This game is based on two movie franchises which together made an even better movie franchise. Unfortunately, cut-scenes are short and dull; rarely living up to Hollywood. Most of the story is told by text on the mission loading screens.

Hey Good Lookin’!

When the first Alien film came out in 1979 it was hailed as a visual masterpiece, many of the graphic designers and artists who created the scaly, slimy aliens winning dozens of awards. The Android app does a similar job.

Although many of the edges are sharp and the animation can be slow and clunky, the visual texturing and character design are excellent. While playing you’ll notice the scenery’s depth, the spattering of blood and the attention to detail in i the weaponry, flames and other aspects of the environment.

The pause menus and main menus also looks great with cool animation, sharp features and that classic sci-fi look.

As a side note, the sound effects and musical score of this game rival that of the movies.

Final Word

This game was clearly taken serious by the developers as it is every inch a classic AvP encounter. Yes, I’d rather there were more cut-scenes. Yes I’d rather there were more missions. But for fans of the franchise and even those of us who just want a good combat game this is an awesome addition to the Play store.

I played the game on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 2. It ran fine with no stops or slow downs. It didn’t crash once and looked beautiful on the larger screen.

It costs €3.73 and it’s well worth it.

4.0 / 5


AvP: Evolution is the newest addition to the Alien Versus Predator franchise. You can play as either and Alien or a Jungle Predator both of whom must defeat the Super Predator. A third-person combat based game AvP: Evolution offers great fun and action packed fighting. tweet

Dean Sherwin · Mar 3, 2013

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