You’re Outgunned and Outnumbered. Can You Survive Legacy of a Thousand Suns?

The Sian Empire is under attack and your forces are outgunned and outnumbered. This is the back story behind Legacy of a Thousand Suns and your task is to save Princess Illaria. If you fail in your task, the empire will fall! You play as the hero in Legacy of a Thousand Suns and you’re a pilot and a warrior. Your task will take across the galaxy and you’ll fight off against interstellar dictators, menacing cyborgs, and psychopathic aliens.

Legacy of a Thousand Suns (1) Legacy of a Thousand Suns (2) Legacy of a Thousand Suns (3)

You’ll have to end up forming alliances with your friends if you want to succeed in Legacy of a Thousand Suns. You can team up with players from around the world to take down your heinous enemies and earn powerful loot. On the flipside you can fight against players from around the world to find out who the best fighter really is. Legacy of a Thousand Suns is packed full of amazing art and graphics by Concept Art House. So if you want to dive into this immense MMORPG sci-fi game then check out Legacy of a Thousand Suns which is available for free on Google Play today.

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