XCOM: Enemy Unknown Hits the Android Market


Just yesterday we posted a little news article about how the award winning game from 2K Games, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was hitting Android “Soon”. Little did we know that soon meant the next day! I suppose there was rumors but it actually happened. Yep, the game that has been a hit on PC and other platforms while winning plenty of awards can now be played on your Android device.

The story behind XCOM: Enemy Unknown is that after the Earth has been threatened by unknown alien forces they band together to form XCOM, which is an alien paramilitary organization. In the game XCOM: Enemy Unknown you play as the commander of XCOM as you build up your base of operations, research alien technology, plan missions and lead your soldiers to battle. There are plenty of new and interesting weapons/technology you can research and eventually use as well as a whole system for leveling up your soldiers. Actual gameplay is very strategy heavy in which the interface has been perfectly adapted for mobile use. Levels are also randomly generated so you’ll always have content to play. Overall, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is finally on Android and packs a punch. This is a game you need to check out.

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