What Is Amazon Up To Next? A Game Console?

Amazon is always coming up with new ideas to expand their empire. Just the other month they announced drones and now there is talk of them entering in the gaming industry with their own console. Wait, what? You read that correctly. According to some inside sources Amazon may be making an Android powered console and has been in talks with various developers about getting titles for said device.

According to VG24/7 Amazon showed a primitive version of their console and it is supposedly the size of Sony’s refreshed PSone and “grey in colour, oblong in shape and with sharp edges.” While the device is still most likely early in development there is talk of it being released this year. There are also quotes on price with it coming in at around $300…which seems extraordinarily high. More realistically it will be around the price of the OUYA and integrates their instant video streaming. Again, most of this comes mainly from VG 24/7 and nothing official has been released. But it is interesting to speculate and who knows, Amazon might make a killer device.

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