War Agent Provides Interesting Simulation Theme

Simulation/management games are pretty popular nowadays but you only really see ones about cooking, farming, city tycoons, etc. In other words the themes are fairly cut and dry. War Agent by Bazinu is totally different. The theme it provides is that of war profiting, which is profiting off of the world of war.

War Agent provides everything you could need to simulate this rather unique idea. A complex government and population system that gets affected by the war, ability to bribe or eliminate the government, media influences, random events and more. There are tons of weapons to also use in your quest of greed. Really War Agent is fairly complex and detailed in itself but don’t worry there is a full tutorial to teach you everything. An interesting aspect of War Agent is that your decisions do influence this world of yours and things happen in real time. Overall War Agent is totally unique and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before so give it a shot!

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