Underwater Adventures Beckon You to the Deep End of the Ocean

Underwater Adventures, the brainchild of Syd Software in collaboration with Applits, is a challenging adventure game that puts your navigational skills to the test in the deep end of the ocean. The ocean blue isn’t just home to deadly creatures, but also holds hidden treasures within.

You are required to guide your shiny submarine into such dangerous waters in search of the hidden treasures, while at the same time avoiding the deadly creatures that will make your life difficult. Crabs, jellyfish, and electric shock exuding creatures will be your constant companion. Whirlpools on the other hand, will be your best friend, acting as portals to transport you to different locations within the ocean floor.

Underwater Adventures includes 25 levels but if you manage to find 25 hidden oil barrels, you can unlock more bonus content. You’ll also unlock a new submarine if you find all the hidden treasure. This daring adventure game presents an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue with its queer music and its dimly lit surroundings.

If you love a good adventure, you can buy the game for $0.99, or if you prefer, try the Lite version before making a buying decision.

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