Your Ultimate Sporting App List: What You Need Ahead Of A Matchday

For most people interested in sport, they really do live and breath it. There’s not a minute that goes by when we’re not consuming news via our smartphones and for many fans it’s the way to keep their finger on the pulse.

But what are the apps to do that? There are a whole host of apps out there for sports fanatics, and here are just a few you really shouldn’t be missing out on.


First of all, if you’re a soccer fan in particular then you really can’t go wrong with Flashscores.

It’s an app that provides live results across a range of sports, with soccer having a large selection of games whether it be the MLS, Premier League or even Iranian Division 2.

You can view live stats across the likes of tennis, cricket, NFL and more, with updates to tables where applicable too.

It’s the best app to keep you informed of what’s currently happening in the world of sport and really is ideal for following your own team.

A Betting App

All around the world, and an increasing amount in the USA, betting is synonymous with sport and you’ll find most wagers can be easily placed via smartphone.

There are dozens of apps on the market to choose from, with BettingApps being a good place to start to find the very best.

All major bookmakers have an app and allow you to bet in-play, cash out and essentially play exactly how you would via your desktop, however you can do it any time, anywhere.


For most ESPN is the font of all knowledge for sports fans and a must have to stay well informed no matter what the sport.

Downloading the ESPN app will give you access to news, views and video content across all major sports and will even send you notifications so you really don’t miss a thing.

With exclusive clips, highlights, live scores alongside news, it really is a one-stop shop no matter where you are in the world.

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports are more popular than ever before and for the more serious players, regular checks before a matchday is a must.

It’s like your team takes over and you’re managing them as if they are really your team, and a fantasy sports app will allow you to do just that.

Fantasy sports is available across a range of sports with soccer and football the most common. Most sites in which you can play these days have an app and allow you to keep up-to-date with how many points you have, along with being able to make changes to your team, analyse form players via the host of stats they have, and make transfers accordingly.

It’s what the winners do, and if you want to be one of those, being able to perform your managerial duties from your pocket is a must.

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