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Simple but incredibly difficult games are extremely easy to go viral. They are easy to play but hard to master and cause a good kind of frustration. Examples of this phenomenon include Flappy Bird, Super Hexagon, Pivvot and more. Now, developer Rainbow Team has used those games as inspiration (aside from Flappy Bird) to create their own simple but hard viral mobile game hit called oO.

The foundation of oO is that it is an extremely minimalistic dodge-em game. You play as a little white ball traveling around the outsides and insides of circles. The goal is to move from circle to circle dodging spikes on the circles, the screen coming at you and more. oO really combines elements that have made past games extremely popular and I can see how oO is going to be just as addictive and popular. Graphics are very minimalistic which also give it that feel that so many other games have capitalized on. In general, oO looks fun and you should check it out now!


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