Top Great Games To Keep You Busy On Your Daily Commute

If you are looking for games to keep you busy on your daily commute as well as news of the top mobile games that are receiving rave reviews, then this article should enlighten you as we uncover the biggest trends in gaming today.

Top Great Games To Keep You Busy On Your Daily Commute

Whilst a lot of the top gaming apps, particularly some fun roulette games, are already available to be played on the go, gaming developers are still furiously trying to update their catalogues. Of course it can be a little frustration if one of your favorite games you play at home on your PC has still to make the transition to your android phone or tablet.

Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End

Following on from the events of Unchartered 3 and set 3 years down the line, it appears that Nathan Drake has moved on and left his ideas of fortune hunting well behind in the newly acclaimed Uncharted 4. That said it doesn’t take too long for adventure to come knocking, when his brother Sam re-enters onto the scene asking for his support in protecting his own life, and he offers Drake an adventure that’s just too much to resist.

Drake and Sam embark on a mission to locate the long lost treasure of Captain Henry Avery and head out on a journey to find Libertalia, located deep in the Madagascar forests. Unchartered 4: A Thief’s End takes our adventurers around the world, through urban cities, jungle isles as well as snow-capped peaks, in their endeavours to locate the elusive Avery Fortune.

Moving onto Play Store for some exciting mobile action, here are three games that are bound to delight and keep you entertained, starting with:

Vector 2

In this sequel to the original game, once again you are given control over the game’s silhouetted hero who must master his way out of impending danger in a cyberpunk futuristic world. The core game still remains as entertaining as ever with production values higher than its predecessor. Swipe across your screen display to get your character to run jump and slide, whilst they grab items and avoid upcoming traps. Regardless of the game’s familiarity it still holds an appealing challenge and with improved animations and backdrops, the developers have come up with an excellent sequel.

Top Great Games To Keep You Busy On Your Daily Commute 2

Crashing Season

With a remarkable upbeat soundtrack, this wacky theme played out with great animation makes Crashing Season a top pick. As opposed to hunting down wildlife, the game puts you in charge of the animal world kingdom and the likes of typically hunted animals such as alligators, elks and bears as they busy themselves running across the map eliminating weapon-wielding hunters.
Each game level has specific objectives, either eliminate the enemies a particular way, or survive for ‘X’ amount of seconds. Your challenge will be to literally dodge the barrage of incoming bullets, whilst constantly being under attack.

Cube Escape: Theatre

Here’s a game that has recently surged in Play Store’s Top Charts; it’s the eighth outing in this series that is well conceived and equally compelling. Cube Escape: Theatre requires the player to solve a combination of puzzles to keep the Rusty Lake Theatre on track with its six scheduled performances. A knowledgeable bartender/broker is used to assist you as you learn the ropes in everything you need to discover and for those who like puzzles, expect some exciting game-play, it doesn’t disappoint!

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