Tips and Tricks for Mobile Blackjack

When it comes to playing games on your mobile, there are certainly plenty around, and if you are fond of playing Blackjack, then there are a great selection of games and apps that can be downloaded to your mobile phone so that you can enjoy a quick game of Blackjack no matter where you are. takes you through some great features of mobile blackjack games.

There are certainly plenty of different Blackjack variants out there, and you can play many of them on your mobile while you are out and about. You may not be away there are a large number of variants of the game of Blackjack aside from just the standard version.

Though purists might only want to play the classic version, there are still variants amongst these. Much like with casino roulette there are variants between computerised simulations of Blackjack tables, and there are also Live Dealer Blackjack games. These feature a real-life croupier in a studio somewhere who plays against you as you can watch the game often through a live video stream. This brings a great degree of realism to the game, as it is just like you are sat at a table with the dealer. In this variation, the dealer still has to adhere to strict rules, much like when playing at a casino. The shoe will feature a number of packs of cards, usually five or six, which are randomly cut, and then dealt to each player.

Your play is to score more than the dealer without going over the maximum of Twenty-One. After the two initial cards are dealt, players can choose to either stick with the two cards, or be dealt another one to try and bring their total closer to twenty-one. You normally have a number of options as well. For example, if you are dealt a pair of cards, e.g. two eights, then you have the option to split them into two separate hands, and bet separately on each. This has the potential to increase your winnings greatly. You also have the option to double down; this is something that you should normally do if your total is around ten or eleven. What doubling-down does is enables you to double your bet in exchange for receiving only one more card, the idea being that you want to hit a bit card that will enable you to be close to twenty-one and therefore much more likely to win.

The dealer will be playing with the rules such as dealer must stick at sixteen, or hit at fifteen. This means that any combination of cards that the dealer has that is less than sixteen will cause them to have to take another card. The hope being that they go over twenty-one and then you will win. Of course, if the dealer hits the combination of an Ace and any picture card as their two cards, then they have scored Blackjack, and all the players lose. Though you are able to buy insurance against this fact and therefore retain some winnings.

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