Time To Ski with FRS Ski Cross

It is winter time and you know what that means! Snow and all other wintery things dealing with snow. This includes the huge pastime of skiing which gets made into video games all the time. Adding to that list is FRS Ski Cross by Unity Games. So get a jump on your wintery sports action and download it!

FRS Ski Cross is not just some typical skiing game and it is in good hands. The developers already had tons of success with their other ski title SSX Tricky and Skate. But what exactly do you do in FRS Ski Cross? Basically it is a downhill skiing game but don’t let that simple statement fool you. The speed you experience and the rush that you get by playing a simple mobile game is crazy. There are over 50 levels you can pilot and careen down full of jumps and turns. You can even customize your character and skis with tons of items. So get on to the slopes and compete with your friends to see who can ski the fastest with FRS Ski Cross.

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