The Spartans Strike Again in Combat Strategy Movie Tie-in 300: Seize Your Glory

Where super heroes are concerned a mega budget movie isn’t enough to keep fans happy. Now it goes without saying that we also want a movie-inspired game. That is why Warner Bros. have released 300: Seize your Glory. In case you missed the news, the movie 300, featuring the oh-so-hot Gerard Butler who led an army of 300 Spartans against the mighty Persians in a gore-fest some years ago is getting a sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire. This movie tie-in comes at just the right time as the movie about to hit theaters on March 7th.

300: Seize your Glory is a visually stunning game that has you playing a Greek general Themistocles who takes on the Persian Navy. The game itself is not too intensive and what you do is basically hack and slash enemies in the high seas. There’s plenty of sword play, shield bashing, and a few types of attacks to mix and match as you go through battle after battle.

Scores earned after every battle are totaled and if you log in to Facebook you can compare them with those scored by fellow gamers. You can also share screenshots of your battle scenes along with your scores and stats.

Apart from the small variations in combats, 300: Seize your glory does not offer much in terms of content. Also the rich visualizations means that you must have a really powerful device to enjoy smooth play. Anything less than 1GB RAM will only see you struggling.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous sword slasher and don’t mind playing through lots of blood and gore, you can check out the game on your Android. Price: Free

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Needs More Content

Got to agree with Slasher. Does Warner simply want to waste people's time with such an excuse of a game. I'm giving this 2 stars only because the graphics, which are brilliant!

Posted by Izabella 10 years ago

Too short

Graphics is amazing and gameplay is enjoyable but only 4 battles?

Posted by Slasher 10 years ago

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