The Power of Electricity; Check Out Volt

Imagine this scenario. You’re a battery who has been sent to the recycling plant where you’ll be crushed up and turned into something new. However, you escape! This is the background for Volt by Quantized Bit in which the gameplay revolves around you in various puzzle platformer challenges ultimately escaping your doom.

The twist in Volt is that you are literally a batter. You have no legs. You do, however, have a limited number of electric beams that allow you to connect to walls, destroy/move objects and hit switches. So using this power of electricity you can ultimately escape…hopefully. Gameplay looks to be a lot of fun full of explosions, rolling around and physics based puzzles. In addition there is a base set of 40 levels with more coming for free every two weeks. Oh, and did I mention there are boss battles? Yep, there are. You can get Volt for $1.49 and get all this now, so check it out.


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