Terraria 2 Is in the Works Says Creator, Will See a Multi Platform Launch

Terraria, the Minefield inspired game hit the Play Store just last month to critical acclaim and much fan love, but its creative developer Andrew “Redigit” Spinks already has plenty of exciting plans for its sequel, Terraria 2.

Terraria 2 will have a lot in common with its predecessor but Andrew hopes to expand the Terraria universe so that players can travel to infinite worlds and not be stuck in one environment. He also hopes to change the way the loot system works as well as how character progression plays out. He also hopes to release the game on multiple platforms at launch or at least closer to launch. That means unlike the earlier launch that saw the game out on the PC first, this time we can expect the game to show up on mobiles and handhelds around the same time as the PC launch.

That said, Andrew has been forced to focus his attentions on updating the original because fanatic fans have been asking for more. He hopes to complete the finishing touches to the game with a few Halloween inspired updates as well as a more wholesome and satisfying endgame.

So while things are still moving ahead with the original, we can only wait for more updates when development for Terraria 2 starts. As always, we will keep you updated as and when things move ahead. Stay tuned.

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