Tanks Everywhere! Check Out Tank Riders 2

The first sentence of Tank Riders 2 description is very ominous and basically says the hills are alive with the sounds and sight of mortars. This is what you get when you download and play Tank Riders 2; a nice and fun action game with tons of tanks and other military grade equipment!

Tank Riders 2 by Polarbit is a free game and for being free you get a lot of content. Specifically you get 50 levels that increase with difficulty and put you in more and more taxing situations. There is also a whole array of sinister enemy types that require different strategies to defeat. Level environments range from deserts, caves and arctic zones to give you a sense of more adventure. If you’re the type of gamer to use gamepads, Tank Riders 2 provides support for the MOGA (HID), NVIDIA Shield, Xperia Play and more. So if you’re in the mood for a fun action game with lots of shooting, check out Tank Riders 2.

User Reviews

So-So Tanks

Nice little casual game with cool graphics. It gets a bit boring to me later on and it does have some issues with Nvidia Shield but in general it's not so bad.

Posted by Tanky 7 years ago

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