Super Stickman Golf 2 Gets Fresh Updates with Emphasis on Multiplayer Features

If you’ve grown tired of playing Super Stickman Golf 2 for the last 12 months or so, here’s an update boost that will nudge you to pick up from where you left off. It appears that Noodlecake has been paying attention to all fan requests as they have just released a string of features that should keep all happy.

The first big change you’ll notice in the game is a chat feature that lets you brag about your crazy shooting skills to your opponents. And if you think someone’s got the better of you in the bragging department, you can now challenge them to a turn based multiplayer game with some Golf Bux currency on the line. There’s nothing like a good wager that can set the blood pumping.

For a little cosmetic effect, you can spend your extra cash on coloring up your ball trails. A totally unwanted feature, but hey, its your game, your style!

It wouldn’t be right to bring on a massive update without throwing in some new courses would it? Apart from the uber cool Super Meat Boy course, there are a couple of standard fares in the form of Gears Land and Implausible Land. There is also one special course that’s called Space Land where you will be playing in zero gravity; an entirely different ball game huh! Excited?

And finally, for all you players who are shamefully embarrased with your turn-based name, or just want to update it to something more groovy, you can just go ahead and change it now.

Haven’t played SSG2 yet? Download the game and see what the fuss is all about!

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Time to revisit

I used to play this game for months when it came up. It has lots of courses, cool multiplayer and it's so addictive. Now it's updated as i see so it's time to revisit it.

Posted by ZoneX 7 years ago

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