Storm Lords Just Released For Google Play

There are many different empire building, strategy mobile games out there where you can build and battle with your friends, but doesn’t mean more shouldn’t come out. The newest one to enter the competition is the new game from Flaregames, Storm Lords. In Storm Lords, magic and specifically elemental magic is the key to winning battles and growing stronger and you’ll need to master the balance in order to win.

At a glance, Storm Lords does just look like another empire building mobile game but Flaregames has added a bit of flare to make things stand out from all the other empire mobile games out there. For instance, graphically Storm Lords is amazing with its cartoon aesthetic that still retains some 3D aspects. There are also hero units you can summon to your cause to help you out which have a lot of features available to them. You can research and upgrade your heros’ skills, fuse rune stones to also enhance your heroes and your heroes can cast powerful elemental spells on your enemies.

In general Storm Lords plays out like a normal empire game. You need to harvest resources and build different buildings, then upgrade and build more, etc. But every aspect of Storm Lords seems to be intertwined with magic and elemental power to give it that twist and bit of difference from the competition. Storm Lords is available as a free-to-play game model, released on Google Play today.

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