Stealth Game Interference Getting Noticed As It Comes to Android

Stealth games get mixed responses I feel, some people love them and others hate the concept. No matter what side of the fence you’re on I feel you’ll want to hear about a new game coming out from a solo developer called Interference. It is a 2D stealth puzzle set in what appears to be a technological dystopia in which you can hack and manipulate your surroundings.

Interference’s interface is certainly interesting as while the main gameplay plays out in 2D sidescrolling action there are glitched zones in which you hack into the connector and manipulate huge blocks of the level. The interface from there looks similar to a 2D Rubiks Cube as you swipe to move around tiles to create easier paths, block lasers or trap enemies. Not much is currently none such as a release date but the developer mentions a few things. Mentioned is that there will be around 30 levels and is going to be released on iOS, Android and PC and that he wants it to be out quick. I’m certainly excited about Interference just looking at it as it seems to be a very unique game and we’ll keep you posted here on AndroidShock.

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