Roid Rage is a Fun Juice Collecting Game Set in an Asteroid Belt

In the world of mobile gaming, you can encounter some really strange storylines to get you started on an adventure. Butterscotch ShenanigansRoid Rage is a case in question.

The plot: a juice tanker has crashed into a asteroid belt spelling a whole load of blue gooey stuff all over the place. You happened to be near the crime scene with a handy set of spaceships at your disposal. And guess what. You are asked to take your craft out there and clear up the mess.

You pilot your spaceship into the dangerous asteroid belt, dodging the big rocks efficiently with your nimble fingers picking up as much of the juice as you can before taking a hit. The game features four different types of craft but you don’t have access to all of them right away. You can unlock them using in-game currency(juice) or via IAPs.

Each craft comes with different capabilities and when you have collected sufficient juice, it shows off its special powers for a few seconds. Google Play Reviews suggest that, much like the infamous Flappy Bird, Roid Rage can be insanely fun as well as damnably frustrating at the same time.

You can find out if that is indeed the case by downloading Roid Rage from the Play Store for the price of free.

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