Rise of Android OS

Android OS

During last few years Android mobile operating system has become ever more popular. It has been the most popular OS for tablets since 2013 and it is also dominant on smartphones. Developers have acknowledged all the great possibilities due to its popularity and are constantly developing new applications and games for Android. There are literally thousands of app publishers so keeping track of all the new apps and games is literally impossible. However, Androidshock does this for you.

Popularity naturally has some downsides and it always attracts people with malicious intentions. These people develop apps and games that act as Trojan horses and steal your information or cause other kinds of problems for the user. That is the reason why everyone should be very careful and cautious when downloading new games and apps.

Even Google store is not 100 percent safe. Usually the vetting process for apps that are available on Google store is thorough, but every now and then some harmful apps manage to find their way through. So even if game or app is available on Google store it does not automatically guarantee that it is safe to download.

One good way to stay out of harm’s way is to read reliable reviews before downloading. Good review is important, because not only it tells you that whatever it is you are about to download is safe and not a risk for the security of your device, review also explains the key functions and abilities of the app.

All in all, apps and games have been very beneficial regardless of the minor issues that always come along with popularity. There is a whole industry revolving around Android and it has created lots of new jobs that did not even exist ten years ago. Many handy apps have made life a lot easier as they save lots of time and effort when using them instead of traditional means. Apps also perform functions more efficiently and effectively than many browser based versions of the same programs. As an example many VOIP-apps that allow people to make phone calls using their internet connection have become very popular.

Casino Apps Are Getting More Popular Everyday

Most of the Casinos have developed their apps so that they work with Android and run properly without glitches. Some games on mobile platforms are slightly simplified versions, but the whole experience is still very good. Some players have really managed to make the best out of mobile gaming and have even won several million dollars. You can read more about the best online casinos and popular games by clicking here.

Many people also like playing games and there have been many incredibly popular games that have been downloaded more than 100 million times. Some games are purely for entertainment, but many have been developed for educational purposes.

And when it comes to mobile gaming ten years ago not many would have believed that mobile versions of online casinos would ever become popular. However, now with better mobile devices and faster connections almost every decent online casino offers their services on mobile devices. Great example is Unibet – Casino offers three different mobile apps. People like to play their favourite games when travelling, so online casinos have their own apps that allows players to do that. Many also have their tablets with casino apps installed so they can play anywhere in the house.

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