Reliance Games Capitalizes on Hunger Games Mania. Launches Panem Run

Mobile games with movie tie-ins have rarely matched up to the magic that the movies themselves generate. Yet, we still find them compelling enough to download and play on our mobile devices. The latest movie frenzy is no doubt the latest installment of Hunger Games (Catching Fire to be precise) and Reliance Games have put together an endless runner that will have one of the movie characters run, jump, smash and do all those silly things that come with most endless runners.

The main objective in Hunger Games: Panem Run is to collect Sparks and other materials while running though the Districts of Panem. Typical of endless runners, you’ll dodge obstacles and pick up coins along the way, but you will also be able to use Katniss’ bow and arrow skills to pick up more points. Coins can be used for upgrading your powers, speeding up crafting or earning extra lives. You will also be able to unlock alternate characters when you’ve earned enough points. Currently the game features only three districts but there’s definitely more coming.

Reliance Games have always believed in the power of social gaming and that can be seen in Panem Run too. Players can connect to friends via Facebook and challenge them to races or simply exchange gifts and other collectibles. There is also the ever so popular leaderboard challenges that should spice up the competitive spirit in players.

If you want to be a part of the struggle for survival in Panem, take a run down to the Play Store and download Hunger Games: Panem Run for free. Glory, hope and global leaderboard success await you!

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Love it on Kindle

Finally this game came out for Kindle. Tons of endless fun for $0.99!

Posted by KFTW 7 years ago

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