How Real-time Streaming is Changing Entertainment

How Real-time Streaming is Changing Entertainment

It is surprising just how quickly the internet has changed our world and how we are entertained. We all have our computers, consoles, and mobile devices connected and we all use them to play games, watch television or listen to music. With the changing speeds and more advanced way of streaming, the world of internet entertainment is only going to get better.

The start of the revolution of internet entertainment arguably started with music. The ease of streaming these relatively small files allowed for the music to be streamed, and at a reasonable price. While there may have been some controversy over the royalties that are paid to the artists, thankfully these are being answered and we are all safe to listen to all the music we want.
With the ever increasing speed of the internet we now have the ability to watch television shows and movies through services like Amazon Prime and Netflix. These services not only show high quality streams but are also using the evolving world of technology to make the experience even better. With 4K slowly becoming a reality for streaming, the services will get better and better.

Gamers have always been at the forefront of technological advance, especially when it comes to the Internet. With increased speeds we can now stream our gameplay out to the world through Twitch and YouTube. We can even watch other players play our favourite games and become parts of the communities that are fans of these games. This has seen the rise in ESports which leads to big money rewards for our play.

Games have taken advantage of streaming too, especially the world of online gambling. You just have to ask gamers who opt bingo games and ook at the many sites to find live games of roulette where a croupier is on hand to spin the table for you and accept your bets. This makes the games feel more real and legitimate to the players, and makes full use of the world of internet streaming.

With the internet and technology ever evolving, streaming is going to get better and better. We’ll have new forms of entertainment created by the ability to stream in Real-time and with less restrictions on how fast streaming will be, the future is very interesting indeed.

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