Ready For Some Hockey? Check Out Patrick Kane’s Winter Games

With the Winter Olympics still raging on there is bound to be video games made dealing with the winter sports and the players. Enter in, Patrick Kane’s Winter Games which features essentially both. Patrick Kane’s Winter Games is named after Patrick Kane who plays for the Chicago Blackhawks and is on the US Olympic Hockey team and has won a fair bit of medals. The “winter games” aspect of the title is kind of misleading as you’re not getting every winter game category but rather just hockey in different iterations, still awesome though.

Patrick Kane's Winter Games (1)Patrick Kane's Winter Games (2)Patrick Kane's Winter Games (3)Patrick Kane's Winter Games (4)

Specifically, Patrick Kane’s Winter Games features three exhilarating hockey game modes such as face-off, winter games and rivals. Face-off has you picking your team from all 18 teams and then playing a round of hockey. Winter Games is a tournament style knock out and rivals has you in historical rival matches that you can play through and perhaps “change” history. All of this is played with some pretty nice graphics and controls thanks to the Phoenix™ engine. If you like hockey and more specifically hockey games then you’ll love Patrick Kane’s Winter Games.

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