Racing Like You Like; Table Top Racing Out Now

Like racing games but want one that is more “fun” and arcady? Sort of like Mario Kart or Angry Birds Go!? Check out this new racing game by Playrise Digital called Table Top Racing. Playrise has an impressive history as they are the co-creators of Sony’s hit game WipEout and Table Top Racing is shaping up to be a blockbuster hit just like it.

Table Top Racing features eight different tracks to race on but, like I mentioned above, gameplay isn’t just about the racing. Part of the fun is in the different powerups that give you advantages during gameplay. There is also seventeen cards to choose from which are all upgradeable. Combine this with championships and six different game modes and you get a racing game that is here to stay. Table Top Racing features great “console quality” 3D graphics in locales ranging from your living room floor to you actual table top. In general Table Top Racing is a high quality racing game with more action than a traditional one, so it is worth checking out.

User Reviews

So slick

Amazing graphics and very nice car models. Maps are also interesting with funny environment elements, such as watermelon or burgers on the table. Looks amazing on my Nexus 10. Great racer!

Posted by Speedy 7 years ago

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