The Popularity of Mobile Gaming


It seems that all the time we are told that mobile gaming is becoming more popular than any other form of gaming. It should be no surprise really that this claim is made. We just have to look at the number of devices we have and realise, with all of the smartphones and tablets bought every year, there is a huge install base.

The rise of mobile gaming has come from the evolution of the smartphone and tablets to become more powerful, providing more graphical power, and the mobility of the devices. It’s never been so easy to open an account on a new mobile casino, one of the many Candy Crush Saga clones, or the latest popular strategy game.

The Rise in Mobile Advertising

It seems daily now that we see a big Hollywood star appear in an advertisement for some new game. This is evidence of the rise in popularity of gaming, and just how much money it is making from the people who play.

While this advertising works as evidence of the success, it also has a more important purpose and that is to get more people playing. If a new game is going to get players, and most importantly make money through in-app payments then it needs to get exposure. These big money advertisements let us know what the next big game is, and that we should be playing it. If a big Hollywood star is playing it, that makes it a must play…right?

Mobile Gaming and Digital Downloads

Mobile gaming is all about casual gaming. Offering many titles as “free-to-play” it isn’t long before the game is asking for you to make an in-game purchase to extend the enjoyment of your play. Making this payment optional also gives the illusion that we really have a choice. Chances are though if you want to make progress in your favourite game you’ll be paying some money.

With the success of in-game purchases, the industry is making a lot of money. This money leads to more investment in the mobile gaming industry and is good for everybody. Just looking at the fact Activision bought King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga for $5.9 billion shows how much is invested in mobile gaming now.

Flexibility of Gaming

What wins over many gamers when it comes to smartphones and tablets is that it can be done anywhere. When playing on consoles or a PC you are stuck in front of a television or computer screen while you play. With your mobile device you can play on the move, as the new Pokémon Go game proves.

Diversity of the Gamers

One of the true successes of mobile gaming is the fact that the gamers are so diverse. From young to old, male to female, gamers of all kinds have been pulled into the world of mobile gaming. Pulling in such a wide audience of gamers is always going to be successful.
Mobile gaming is here to stay and is seeing impressive growth. It is easy to do, has a very bright future and the gamers are flocking to it.

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