Play Out WWII in New Game; Europe 1944

Video games based off of the various wars, especially the world wars, get a lot of attention. I mean just look at the Call of Duty franchise. This “war love” has migrated to mobile devices as well and come out all the time. One of the latest ones to blip on my radar is a little game called Europe 1944 by Development Studio which is a 3D real time strategy game based off of World War II.

Europe 1944 goes the extra mile and has lots of different features and details to be as accurate to the time period as they can. There are 24 different units you can control in Europe 1944 each with a large variety in specs such as attack range, attack bonuses, movement radius, etc. Your wits will be put to the test as you learn and adapt to control all the different units and figure out the best strategy formations. Europe 1944 has other special features to spice things up such as a wildcard power which can send an artillery barrage or paratroopers to name a few of the effects it can output. If you’re a fan of real time strategy games and historical games then check out Europe 1944 over on Google Play.

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