Noodlecake Studios Brings Micro Miners to Android. Gold Silver and Coal is Yours for the Taking

Micro Miners is a charming platform puzzler from Noodlecake Studios that puts you in charge of a sprightly group of miners who are headed into the core of the Earth looking for precious resources such as Gold, Silver and Coal. This is a top down puzzler so you won’t be controlling the miners’ movements but rather paving the way downward so that they reach their targets without hitting any obstacles.

The obstacles come in the form of lava streams, granite rocks or even open tunnels that lead you to the wrong resources and eventual demise. The miners themseleves have peculiar attributes which means some of them may be able to mine only coal and gold while others can mine only silver.

As with every good game there are powerups and other additional gear that can come in handy in difficult situations. Additionally, the game offers plenty of animated tutorials should you find yourself stuck in a tough spot. If you’ve managed to master any of the 40 levels in the game, you can find yourself at the top of any of the five cool leaderboards available in the game.

Micro Miners looks to be a fun arcade style digging game with plenty of creative gameplay to keep you engaged for hours. You can download the game on your Android device for the cool price of $0.99.

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