Nimblebit’s Star Wars: Tiny Death Star Already Out!

Just a week ago we announced that Nimblebit was partnering with Lucasarts and Disney Mobile to bring us Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, but no formal release date was given. Now, in a surprise to at least me, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is out on Google Play! That is right, you can get your fix of Star Wars mixed with Tiny Tower right now in a matter of minutes.

If you didn’t catch the announcement and are wondering what exactly Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is…well, think of Tiny Tower but Star Wars themed. I suppose that  the reason it was made so quickly is that it pretty much is just a Star Wars reskin of Tiny Tower. Each floor are Star Wars themed such as Watto’s Wares, Carlac Apts. and more. All the bitizens are also Star Wars themed and include everything from droids to Yoda. There are a few “upgraded” features such as missions involving capturing rebel break ins and story moments featuring your favorite characters. Yet essentially, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star is pretty much a slightly upgraded Star Wars reskin but if you’re like me you’ll be addicted no matter what.  So what are you waiting on? Go download it right away!

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