Nightmare: Malaria Aims to Raise Awareness and Funds to Battle Malaria

While games are always fun, sometimes they can be used for good and charitable acts. This is the case with Nightmare: Malaria which is the first Android game developed by Emmy winning studio Psyop. Nightmare: Malaria is partnered with the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) which is ranked the #1 most effective charity by Give Well, The Life You Can Save and Giving What We Can. Nightmare: Malaria is still a free game but if you feel inclined your donations go to a great cause.

The story and action behind Nightmare: Malaria is actually quite clever. You play essentially within the mind and blood of a young girl infected with malaria as you traverse through 18 levels of fever dreams and crazy visuals. There are two worlds; the blood and the brain and both are essentially platformer based. In each level you’re tasked with collecting the stranded teddy bears while avoiding killer mosquitos. Nightmare: Malaria is a game of wits instead of pure action and you’ll have to avoid these pests smartly and with the help of cleverly placed mosquito nets. The voice acting in Nightmare: Malaria is brought to you by Academy Award-winner Susan Sarando and the visuals are excellent. Again, Nightmare: Malaria is free to play and it looks very good so give it a shot and help the cause!

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