Neon Shadow Goes Back To the Roots of Classic FPS

Even though all these new fangled first person shooters are coming out full of bells and whistles or even going mobile, nothing beats just pure unadulterated FPS action. Crescent Moon Games understands this and just released their new FPS called Neon Shadow which is pure classic FPS action. Set in a cyberpunk world you’ll need to save humanity from dark mechanoids which have invaded your space station and aim to take over the galaxy.

Neon Shadow (1) Neon Shadow (2) Neon Shadow (3)

Neon Shadow has all its bases covered. It has a single player campaign for those people who like a good story and just want to play through it all. However, there also is online multiplayer which allows for some intense deathmatches and other game modes. Yet there is still another option in Neon Shadow. What if you want to play the campaign with someone sitting right beside you? Well, in Neon Shadow there is same device co-op! (Just on tablets). It might be awkward at first but it is very interesting that the capabilities are there. In general, Neon Shadow is classic action and super fast paced. The soundtrack is cyberpunk themed by Abducted by Sharks and sounds awesome. Should also mention that Neon Shadow is up for Steam Greenlight if anyone is interested enough to help them out there. But for now you can download Neon Shadow on your Android devices for $2.99.

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