Need A Game For Your Kid? Dropdot Does The Trick

To be honest most games designed for kids, especially young kids, suck. They have bad graphics, boring and trite gameplay and just are not well polished. There are however a few games that do stand out when I think of kids games. Dropdot by Team DropDot is one of these games. Designed for kids ages 3-6, Dropdot aims to teach numbers and the alphabet all the while providing a fun drawing experience.

At its core Dropdot is a connect the dots type puzzle game but on your mobile device. There are 16 distinct theme packs that have ten high resolution puzzles per pack and each pack has its own educational theme. For instance you have one that teaches rain forest animals and one that teaches Chinese numbers. You can see how detailed yet extremely educational these can be. Kids love seeing the images become exposed once they connect the dots and it really helps them learn the subject matter. DropDot also works online and doesn’t feature any outside online integration so you can rest assured your kid will be safe with the app. Available for free for a limited time you should really snatch up Dropdot!

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