Must-Have Apps for Gamers

Must-Have Apps for Gamers
Looking for the easiest way to keep track of developments in the gaming world? Or maybe you just want an exciting mobile game to play during your downtime? There are a wide range of companion style apps for gamers, an ever-expanding universe of high quality games that are designed specifically for mobile handsets and a whole host of useful applications that compliment your gaming lifestyle. Whatever your mobile gaming requirements might be, we’ve got you covered.

Appy Gamer

Whilst there are many popular apps that claim to offer gamers the latest gaming news as it breaks – including apps like GameSpot, IGN and GameInformer – Appy Gamer is universally recognised as being amongst the very best gaming news apps on the market.
Appy Gamer is free and available on Android as low as 1.5 – compared to most competitors which require 2.0 at the least. Their easy-to-use app is full of interesting news and features, along with photos and videos of upcoming releases and can be fully customised to focus on gaming genres you’re interested in.

Xbox SmartGlass

If you’re a PlayStation fan or a PC gamer, you can download similar apps to this, but the Xbox SmartGlass is a fantastically useful and intricate app – a must have for anyone who owns an Xbox console. The SmartGlass app allows you to control your console via your mobile – you can flick through your game library, you can customise your online profile and even communicate with friends and fellow gamers via the network’s social features.

Wikia Game Guides

Struggling to complete a mission on Assassin’s Creed? Finding it hard to defend your middle lane in League of Legends? It’s no sin to ask or search for help online in a bid to overcome frustratingly difficult in-game obstacles. Wikia Game Guides have a massive library of walkthrough guides, hints and tips on their app, just waiting to be accessed. Whatever kind of game, whatever the sticky situation may be, Wikia Game Guides could provide you with the answer.

Video Games Amino

Video Games Amino offers gamers a platform to socialise with other gaming enthusiasts, as well as access forums and other interactive polls. The popularity of this app is growing at an alarming rate, so get in on the action and share your thoughts on current games and upcoming releases in a friendly, troll-free environment.

YouTube Gaming

Video game vlogging has become a highly popular field with gamers all over the world, with YouTube being one of the best platforms for enthusiasts to share their opinions and their achievements on their preferred games. This YouTube Gaming app is specifically tailored for gamers, allowing them to easily access new videos and live streaming events supplied by the world’s best and most watched video gaming YouTubers.

Clash Royale

This popular mobile game is the latest offering from Supercell – the development company responsible for Clash of Clans and Boom Beach. Clash Royale is a massive real-time multiplayer battle arena app, allowing gamers to control their favourite Clash characters and battle against other armies from all corners of the world. Download the app, construct the ultimate Battle Deck and challenge your friends to a fight.


Ever been so immersed in a game that time becomes immaterial and you go without eating or relieving yourself for hours on end? Every gamer has been in that situation. While there hasn’t yet been an app created to rid one’s self of unwanted bodily fluids – oh, what a wonderful world that would be to live in – you can easily order a wide range of delicious cuisines with hungryhouse and get them delivered straight to your door, allowing you to fully focus on the task at hand.

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