Monster Loves You Will Be Charming Android Fans This October

Dejobaan Games’ claim to fame was the quirky and fun jumping game AaAaAA!! – A Reckless Disregard for Gravity. The team is now preparing to release its fun kids game Monster Loves You this October on the mobile platform.

In Monster Loves You, players take responsibility for the growth and development of a monsterling right from its birth to its final ending. Players have to face different challenges during the growth of the monsterling and make choices in various situations. The game’s ending will play out according to the decisions taken. For instance, if players decide to chase away infesting mice they earn points for Ferocity, but if they choose to protect the mice from dogs, they earn points for Kindness. Either way, decisions taken during each stage of the game affects its endings.

Monster Loves you is more in the nature of an interactive novel and a choose your own adventure type game, which should keep the kids pretty excited. Dejobaan Games are expecting to launch the game on October 10th, so if you’re planning to surprise your little one with a fun game, or if you are a kid at heart, you can download the game as soon as it arrives on the Android platform. Alternately, you can get the Steam version right away for $9.99.

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