Which Mobile Games Can You Play In Real Life?

Games are making a move to mobile, but some are becoming so immersive that they are actually making a jump to the real life. Whether people are flinging flying birds at some pigs or slicing fruit like a ninja, there’s a lot more to mobile games than a lot of people think. Now, mobile games are becoming far more social than people first imagined, and in some aspects they are actually coming to life for real. Whether they are games that are incorporating aspects of the real world that work alongside a virtual one like the IOS and Android game Ghostbusters Paranormal Blast, or turning to a traditional board game, these types of games are coming far more prolific. Here, we’re taking a look at some of the mobile games that you can download on your iPhone, Android or Windows phone that you can play in real life – or at least partially.

Escape Rooms

One of the biggest trends at the moment is escape rooms. These began as a hugely successful online phenomenon that have increased even more dramatically to move to mobile, and then make the move to real life. Real life escape rooms began in Japan, and have blown up worldwide in order to become one of the most popular physical adventure games that you can find. Each room will have a different theme and a different puzzle for their players to enjoy and the adrenaline rush is truly captivating when it comes to these thrilling games. Now, you can play a real life escape room in Cardiff and many other cities across the UK and the world.

Pokemon Go

One of the biggest gaming phenomenon’s of 2016 was the introduction of Pokemon Go. This augmented reality game really took off around the world when it was introduced, and while there were a number of glitches when the game was first introduced, it was picked up by thousands. The idea of the game is that you use your mobile to capture Pokemon, but you actually have to get up and go out in order to search for them. A big attraction to the game was the fact that it was free-to-play, and while there were a number of add-ons that you can buy such as extra Pokeballs, Potions and more from the store, the game is totally accessible for all ages. This is one of the first of this style to become so huge, but there are plenty of other franchises that are looking to do the same. This was also a step closer to virtual reality which we have now seen taking over the gaming world.

Heads Up!

Another exceptionally fun and interactive game that you have to play in real life and use the mobile as just an accessory is Heads Up. This game allows you to bring the element of a traditional party game where your friends shout hints at you. The app uses a gyroscope in order to help determine whether you’ve got the question wrong or right, when you tip the phone forward or backwards. This really is an exciting, immersive game that still retain a social element that board games include.

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