Miss Flappy Bird? Here’s a Flappy Turtle Alternative: Grand Turtle Escape

Flappy birds may be a thing of the past, but the phenomenon has inspired developers to come up with games that involve some level of flapping to keep the momentum or craze still going.

Along those lines is an arcade adventure game from AppCore called Grand Turtle Escape. This is a rather beautiful game featuring a cute little turtle who is hoping to escape the underwater sewers by flapping his way through.

Tapping the screen will set off the turtle’s journey and you need to maintain just the right movements to avoid the obstacles, collect coins and the occasional  powerups and escape the enemies. Enemies include creatures of the sea such as sharks and snails but trouble also comes by way of objects in the environment such as thorny creepers, sewer pipes, and even the occasional power up which causes coins to fly away or powers to work in reverse.

You earn three stars at the end of each level; one star for completing the level, one for collecting all the coins and one for finishing the game without losing any lives.

Unlike Flappy Birds, Great Turtle Escape has gorgeous graphics that can entice you to make another underwater trip every time you feel like giving up. Grab this fun game from the Play Store now for the price of free.

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