Mines of Mars Looking Extremely Promising

Procedural generated exploration games that just so happen to feature mining are extremely popular nowadays with just two huge titles being Terraria and Minecraft. Crescent Moon Games hopes to carve a prominent spot in this sub-genre with there upcoming game Mines of Mars which is looking to be a mixture of Terraria and Motherload.

By this I mean it has the look and feel of both. It has the 2D platforming exploration type adventure gaming but also has the mining aspect and collecting various materials. However it is not just straight mining but rather does have dark undertones about an ancient civilization on Mars with what looks to be a storyline to kind of push you along.

But Mines of Mars will still have the mining aspects that people love so much. It has been shown and said to have the procedural generated worlds, a night and day system, bosses, lots of weapons and tools (with upgrades) and a co-op system.  Mines of Mars is really a game that we’ll be keeping our eyes on here at AndroidShock and if it delivers on all that it is mentioning could be a very good game.

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