MetalWars3 – A Mechanized Showdown

In its third edition, Goorusoft releases MetalWars3 for Android this week and it is a mechanic’s dream. It is all metal and mech suits battling in all sorts of modes in the fairly complicated story of the Earth Federation and the Resistance Army battling it out.

All the action is in the Mech battles though as you have over 40 different weapons to arm yourself with. In addition to the weapons you can arm you also need to worry about your engines, defensive mechanisms and fire controllers. There are over 40 different types of these as well you can equip. All these different types of metal equipment can be researched in Metal Wars 3’s interesting research interface and can make your Mech just how you want it with a drag and drop approach.

There are over 20 levels with an endless mode to keep you occupied while you blast away any and all resistance. Better yet, with the high resolution textures and the latest shaders, MetalWars3 looks prim and proper while blasting away your foes. MetalWars3 just came out this week for $1.99 so if Mech battles like you’ve never seen them interest you then check it out.

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