Make the World Beautiful Again in Super Tinboy

What happens when all the color in the world is gone and you can’t admire the greens of the grass or the blues of the sky? Well, in Defcon Studio’s latest game, Super Tinboy, it is up to you to bring back the color and banish the dull greyness that is around. Super Tinboy is a 3D endless runner game which still retains some 2D platforming staples.

In Super Tinboy you’ll be running and jumping your way like a bird as angry monsters try and get you. Other obstacles include avoiding flying zeppelins, angry korean death fans, giant smashing blocks, and more. Gameplay is fast paced and set in a fun and friendly atmosphere (of course void of all color at the moment). The mixture of 3D and 2D is being called 2.5D by Defcon Studios which means map layouts are 2D but characters and obstacles are 3D. This style is similar to how New Super Mario Bros. plays out. Super Tinboy seems super easy to pick up and play and for free it is an easy download to make.

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