LogicWeb’s Endless Runner Colossus Escape Beta is Available on Android

Italian indie game developers LogicWeb’s garish endless runner has been in the works for quite some time now. We finally have good news for fans who have been tracking the game for a while. The Beta version of the game is available for download on your Android devices via the official website

Colossus Escape is set in an epic fantasy world where you have to escape the Colossus, the humongous giant you see in the background in the video. Your escape route is littered with hordes of enemies, traps, and obstacles, but you can take the use of powerful spells, mystical artifacts, and portions to defend yourself.

Colossus Escape is set in four worlds or chapters, but currently only the first chapter will be made available. Energy, fire and ice are the main types of ranged attacks in the game. The game is sure to have plenty of content to keep fans happy what with a Story Mode, Infinity Mode, Extreme Mode, and Turbo mode available.

The game will feature a combo system and will alternate between day and night. Additionally challenges will be based on Quick Time Events. Colossus Escape has some really cool music by Luigi di Guida, which you can listen to here, if you are interested.

Are you are ready to wear a fur thong, a stone bra, and a huge sword forged with black iron to take on the mighty Colossus? You may have to wait just a little bit longer for the final version, but you can get your kicks right now if you go the Beta way.

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