How Live Streaming is Changing the World of Entertainment


The internet is constantly evolving as technology improves and speeds are raised. With the improved service we see now the ability to stream audio and video at high quality is bringing the world of entertainment to our televisions, consoles, computers, and other devices in extraordinary ways. In fact, it is changing the way we enjoy our pastimes.

The way live streaming has improved our television and movie watching experience is hard to miss. The phrase “Netflix and chill” has become recognisable by almost anybody with an internet connection, as has the ability to “binge watch” any show we want. More traditional television companies may not be so happy with this, but times are changing and they have to change with it.


In gaming there are huge changes afoot, and this isn’t just multi-player games. The ability to stream gameplay all over the world using services like Twitch and YouTube has given the gamers the ability to not only watch the latest ESports competition but also show off their own skills. The millions of people who watch these streams are also proof that this has become a very popular part of the gaming world today.

Along with streaming, it is also impressive how the games themselves have used live streaming to improve their services. The Online casino industry is an example of this as they use streaming to improve their online poker skills in tournaments, adding a more sociable style of gaming. High stake poker games are also streamed all over the world giving a chance for people to watch the games from anywhere.

Technology will continue to improve and keep giving people with an internet connection even better ways to be entertained. Whether it is playing games on mobile devices or even just watching a show on television, the higher quality the live streaming, the better the experience will be.

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