Let’s Escape Brings Plenty of Escape Action

You know the drill. You’re locked in a garage or a living room or a bathroom and you need to use all the random items within your grasp to escape the room. Usually video games like this have one room that you escape from and thats it. Let’s Escape by Mobest Media brings you multiple rooms to test your Houdini skills on with more rooms constantly being added. You’ll escape from that garage, that living room, that bathroom and more.

The best part about Let’s Escape is that there are multiple rooms and not just one as it really increase play time. The puzzles are said to be tricky and will have you using items from normal keys to weird things like a flash drive and a bottle of vinegar. The rooms are designed fairly well which is great as most escape genre games lack in that department. If you think you’re up to another escape room challenge that will rack your brain, check out Let’s Escape; available now for free on Google Play!

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