Jundroo Makes All Games Free For Limited Time; Including SimpleRockets

A couple days ago it was Jundroo’s Reddit cake day, and for that glorious celebration he decided to make all his games free on all platforms. This includes SimplePhysics, Dummy Defense, Skyword, Santa’s Engineer, BridgeBasher and, perhaps the most popular game, SimpleRockets. Not exactly sure how long this offer will last but if you’re interested in any of these titles you should seize the opportunity (or actually buy it if you want to support the developer).

SimpleRockets is Jundroo’s admittedly “best” game and if you don’t know what it is about, a simple comparison has been made to the Kerbel Space Program but in 2D. Basically the goal is to build a rocket and launch it to various celestial objects. You have to design and build your rocket which gives you complete control over rocket engines, fuel tanks, and other parts. Exploration is also a big part of SimpleRockets as you can pick your destination. So you can decide to fly into the intense Venus atmosphere or into the low gravity of Mercury. There are also challenges you can compete in against other human players for such things as who can go the fastest, fly the farthest, orbit with the least amount of fuel, land on the moon, etc. Even better is that SimpleRockets is kind of an educational game. There are realistic orbital physics and players will have to learn rocket science and astrodynamics to succeed in their missions. SimpleRockets is a great game for all ages and a great educational tool, so seize the opportunity and get it for free now on Google Play.

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