Join The Winter Olympics In Athletics: Winter Sports

With the 2014 Winter Olympics just around the corner people are getting pumped up! The National pride, the sports themselves, all of it. What better way to capture all that energy and spirit than to create an Android mobile sports game based around it. This is exactly what Tangram 3D did with their latest game, Athletics: Winter Sports.

As you can imagine, Athletics: Winter Sports has pretty much all the winter Olympic games although it doesn’t come right out and say it is the Olympics. All in all there are 28 different sports competitions such as bob sleighing, skiing, skating, long jumping, biathlons, etc. The list literally goes on and on. All of these sports are in the titled 3D graphics which while they aren’t the best are pretty good for what you’re getting. Like in the Olympics you can play as different countries and go up against other nations/computer players to show who is boss. As for real life competition there are leader boards and an interesting same screen 2 player split screen that you could do if you have a friend right next to you. All in all, Athletics: Winter Sports is your ticket to the Winter Olympics in your pocket.

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