iPhone Fun Facts

We all know that Apple has a new phone coming out very soon. However, before we get to that let us take a walk down memory lane. By so doing, looking at a few historical facts that make the iPhone what it is today.

Before we continue, we should start by telling you that the iPhone is the one phone that is used the most for casino gambling because of its speed and memory.

The iPhone came out from the design of the tablet

Despite the fact that the iPad came out years after the first iPhone. The original design of the iPhone was meant for a tablet as the company was exploring tablet options. Jobs explained that he had instructed the engineers to look into various tablet designs. This is when they came back to him with a device featuring multi-touch functionality. This technology was then adapted to a phone. Hence the birth of the first iPhone. And the start of one of the best phones to play at casinous online casino games.

Default Time

As a way to market the product, the iPhone used to have an odd default time. While some phones default time is 00.00 the iPhone defaults time was 9.41. This was because each time they present a new phone they want the time to be closer to the time in the viewer’s watches. Therefore, they set the time 40 minutes after the presentation starts. That way, when the big reveal happens it is just a few minutes ahead of the time on the viewer’s watches. Such that each time you look up an iPhone on the web, the time is set at 9.41.Did you know on your iphone store you can an app where you can more bets more on your favourite players.

The sacred bond

Everyone who is not iPhones knows of the rivalry between their phone and Samsung. However, despite this on-screen rivalry, the two actually have a sacred bond. This is as the bulk of the batteries that power the iPhone is created by Samsung, how funny is that.

iPhone Users Are Loyal

If there is one brand of users that never look back it is the iPhone users. These are ranked as the most loyal smartphones users. Furthermore, the chances of them changing to another phone are very slim.

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