Is Internet Speed More Important than Security?

Is Internet Speed More Important than Security?

Common sense would tell us that online security should always be the most important aspect of using the Internet. It would seem though that many users would rather have faster speeds rather than a more secure service. With the need for speed in mind, is there ever an argument that security should be relaxed?

If you’ve ever used the WIFI that is made available in public, you’ll know that the service isn’t as fast as we’d usually find at home. In a society though where many seem to assume that we should get the service we expect, it looks like the most important thing is speed.

This is understandable of course, because of the nature of the modern day Internet. With faster connections and more versatile internet technology, the services that are provided to us over the internet have a higher cost on data, and need more bandwidth to run. This can be true even down to online casino games like online slots. When we need a speedy service to keep our online games running, why should we not expect it?

The simple answer is, public WIFI, especially the free variety has to be controlled. Not only has it to be provided in a way that all customers using the service can access it at a reasonable speed, but there also needs to be a level of security. When there are any number of people connecting to the same WIFI as you, if these people connect to your device they could also be able to steal your data. This leads to identity theft, and we know the cost of that.

The danger of free WIFI is the potential of your credentials being stolen from an outside source, leading to the ability to access your personal data and even files on your device. If this happens of course you would be upset with the service that the public WIFI has provided, so security by trusted names such as Logdog is of course important if you regularly access free WIFI.

We may want fast public WIFI, and it is possible to give it but that could be at a cost. The simple fact is though that adding security on top, having more control over the data and having control over the speed of the free internet is the way to go.

We live in an impatient age where we feel we have the right to a service how we want it. While we do have impressively fast internet access anywhere now, it will never be as fast as we want it. There will always have to be added functionality that will slow it down and control it.

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