Half Man Half Robot; RoboCop Lands on Android

Fresh off the launch of their action RPG title Eternity Warriors 3, Glu Mobile is back with another gem for fans of third person shooter games. This one is a super hero flick called Robocop and is the official game of the movie of the same name, which will be coming to a theatre near you sometime early next month.

You should already be familiar with Alex’s story, but if you’d like to hear it again, here’s the long and short of it. Good cop Alex Murphy gets critically injured in the line of duty, and a corporation, Omnicorp uses the opportunity to create the perfect cop; part man, part robot, a.k.a RoboCop. You get to play this crime fighter to enforce the law, tackle the crooks and defend the good citizens of Detroit.

Once you put on Murphy’s suit, you will be automatically set to fire away at your enemies. You can also make use of special abilities such as scanning to locate your enemies weak points and target them more effectively.

Weapons are aplenty and so are the chances to upgrade them. The game mechanism is such that as you progress deeper, you face aggressive robot enemies who can take you down right through the covers you duck under. However when the going gets tough, Robocop can get going with drone strikes and other superior moves that makes him the hero that he is.

RoboCop is free to play, but you can be sure there are plenty of IAPs that will tempt you into armoring your hero to the point of invincibility. Wanna play? Hit the download link below.

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Not so much fun with all those IAPs staring down your face.

Posted by P. Richard 7 years ago

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