GT Racing 2 Announced By Gameloft and Mercedes-Benz

While Gameloft’s latest racing game venture, Asphalt 8: Airborne was just released and still on the new release high, they have already announced their latest racing game. The game is to be GT Racing 2, a sequel to the original GT Racing back in 2011. GT Racing 2 differs from the crazy antics of the Asphalt series and brings it down to a more realistic level in line with Gran Turismo and Real Racing.

There is no firm release date for GT Racing 2 from Gameloft although they say it will come out this fall and there are even fewer details. Interestingly enough, the video posted shows a clear marketing with Mercedes-Benz with only Mercedes cars. You may remember the original GT Racing had a spin-off game associated with Hyundai so this partnership isn’t totally crazy. This does raise the question on their monetization methods for GT Racing 2 as the free-to-play model did not work for the original GT Racing. Overall it will be interesting if GT Racing 2 will have better success than GT Racing and match the success of Asphalt 8, the drawback being the more relastic approach rather than the arcade experience.

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